Summer Solstice Observation

In observation of the Summer Solstice, the Rothko Chapel will be open from sunrise to sunset (approximately 6:20am-8:25pm). In addition, the Chapel hosts a sunrise Vedic fire ceremony and yoga, and Marimba music at sunset.

Yogis have used Vedic Fire ceremonies with Sanskrit chanting for thousands of years as a tool for personal and planetary healing. The ceremony starts with 10 minutes of chanting powerful Sanskrit mantras, followed by 15 minutes of silent meditation, and ends with chanting few closing mantras. After the ceremony, Bayou Bliss Yoga leads a yoga sun practice incorporating sun salutations with the gayatri mantra. Bhakti House Band provides live music for both the fire ceremony and yoga practice.

At sunset, Austin-based SeVana Marimba plays high-energy, family-friendly traditional Zimbabwean music on giant wooden xylophones.  SeVana means "like children" in the Shona language and was born from the desire to bring audiences the experience of uninhibited joy that children show on the dance floor.

Saturday, June 21, 2014
All Day

Celebrate the summer solstice.