Twelve Moments of Spirituality and Healing

Marlis Hodges, Gurdjieff Tradition
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In the Gurdjieff Work, meditation is called a “sitting,” or a guided meditation to help participants find inner attention and awareness. Participants quietly follow the leader’s suggestions, while sitting in a relaxed, but straight posture. Marlis Hodges was a charter member of the Gurdjieff Foundation of Texas and is on the leadership council and Vice President of the Foundation. Having practiced the forms of the Gurdjieff Work for over 30 years, she has the privilege of leading several groups, responding to questions and suggesting exercises to develop Attention. For twenty-five years, she has been a teacher of sacred dances, a form of study in the Gurdjieff tradition. The series is co-sponsored by Ligmincha Texas Institute, The Jung Center of Houston, M. D. Anderson Cancer Center, and the Rothko Chapel.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014
12:00 PM

Experience contemplative practices from the Gurdjieff tradition.