join the Rothko Chapel guild

If you love the Rothko Chapel and are interested in helping greet visitors, protect the murals and assist with public programs, you should consider joining a dedicated group of people working in our inspirational environment as members of the Rothko Chapel Guild.


Welcome guests to the Chapel

Assist in the Chapel shop 

Help protect the Mark Rothko murals inside the Chapel

Support the public programs, private services and special events 


Work with a select group of passionate Rothko Chapel supporters

Learn about the history of the Rothko Chapel and its on-site masterpieces by Mark Rothko and Barnett Newman

Participate in ongoing educational offerings and social gatherings

Receive annual recognition on the Rothko Chapel website, and during the annual Guild Recognition Event


Orientation and training

Easy online access to schedule volunteer hours 

Timely communication 

Clear volunteer assignments and on-site staff support

A respectful and fun volunteer environment


You must be 18 years old or older

A strong interest in the Rothko Chapel 

Ability to commit to six or more hours per month from September 2017 to September 2018

Professional and/or personal references

Be an active Chapel donor

how to join

Applications for the 2017-18 season have closed. If you are interested in joining the Guild for the 2018-19 season, please send your contact information to kelly.johnson@rothkochapel.org.

2017-2018 Guild members

  • Beth Arlington
  • Chris Baranowski 
  • Lynn Bliss 
  • Carrie Caton
  • Aproteem Choudhury
  • Laura Corbin
  • Gabrielle Cosgriff
  • Barbara Cowan 
  • Sarah Crawford
  • Rauf Diab
  • Katie Dooley
  • Sara Eakens
  • Laura Fain
  • Barbara Homann
  • Joan Lamnek
  • Patty Mayeux
  • Trent Lira
  • Laura Logan
  • Donna McClendon
  • Julia McGowan
  • Amy Kugali McWilliams
  • Anne Morris
  • Diana Muñiz
  • Justin Myers
  • Carolyn Mytholar
  • Edwin Ooi
  • Juan Palomo
  • Laura Radcliffe
  • Judy Radigan
  • Omeid Rahimian
  • Carlos Silva
  • Joe Sosa
  • Jay Stailey
  • Katherine Stephens
  • Sarita Tennant
  • Elizabeth Tigar
  • Allyson Wilkinson
  • Sharon Willcutts
  • Ann Witucki
  • Monica Yancey
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