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Summer Solstice Evening Observance: Kaminari Taiko

Friday, June 21, 2024
7:30 PM

Evening Summer Solstice Observance
Pay What You Can Tickets $10-25 | In-person event with chair seating

Kaminari Taiko of Houston, a Japanese drumming ensemble, marks the end of the longest day of the year with an evening performance. "Taiko" is a Japanese word for drum. The art of taiko carries deep significance in Japanese culture. Samurai warriors used taiko on the battlefield to signal commands and frighten their enemies. Townspeople warned of danger by beating on taiko, and priests used taiko at religious ceremonies to communicate with the gods. Temples and shrines throughout Japan display taiko as a symbol of purification and to dispel evil spirits.

Kaminari Taiko was founded in 1996 by Jay Mochizuki along with a number of talented musicians from diverse backgrounds and ethnicities. The members diligently trained under world acclaimed Taiko Masters such as: Daihachi Oguchi, Seiichi Tanaka, Kenny Endo, and Takemasa Ishikura to learn the fundamental skills, philosophy, and spirit of this centuries old Japanese tradition.


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  • Rothko Chapel

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